Membership Benefits

Tamworth Business Chamber is a not for profit organisation that exists to support local business through the provision of a large range of support services.

Quality Business Awards

The concept of the annual Quality Business Awards is to publicly recognise and promote outstanding businesses within our community.

In 2013 Tamworth aligned with several third party organisations to provide businesses with the opportunities to have their business excellence recognised not only on a local level but also a Regional and State level.

With nearly half of the Award categories in 2014 providing the winner a direct entry as a finalist at the relevant regional awards, Tamworth businesses were well represented with several local businesses winning again on a regional level and becoming finalists at the NSW State Business Awards.

Base membership with the NSW Business Chamber through the Chamber Alliance

Tamworth Business Chamber members are able to opt in to the Chamber Alliance, providing them with a FREE base membership with the NSW Business Chamber in addition to their membership with their local Chamber.

This base membership with NSWBC gives opted-in members access to a 24/7 telephone hotline providing access to advice and support on legislative issues such as IR, HR & WH&S; and access to a range of business resources.

By opting into to the Chamber Alliance you can also receive 20% a full membership with the NSWBC if you so choose.

Leader's Forums

Providing access to local, state and national leaders

Tamworth Business Chamber enjoys good working relationships with our Local, State and Federal leaders and strives to create two-way communication opportunities for its members and their guests.

Business listing in the Tamworth Business Chamber Business Directory

Members have access to their own listing in Tamworth Business Chamber online Directory, allowing them to update and change this listing as often as they so choose.

Membership to Tamworth Junior Chamber

Tamworth Junior Chamber was established to provide opportunities for young business professionals (18 to 35 years) to attend networking events based around topical business issues helping them gain new management and leadership skills, interact socially with business peers and develop as strong business leaders of tomorrow.

The New Resident Network

Retaining skilled labour in our region

One of the identified barriers to business growth in Tamworth is the ability to attract and retain skilled labour to the region. Relocating to a new area can be an emotionally isolating experience for many people, in particular for the partner of the relocated worker as he/she often has had to leave family and/or employment.

Networking Opportunities

Keep abreast of local developments, promote your business amongst industry peers and be educated and/or inspired by topical and relevant speakers.

Tamworth Business Chamber hosts monthly Business Events – usually the third Thursday of the month. Often featuring big name speakers like John Buchanan (Coach of the Australian Cricket Team 1999-2007), John Gissing (CEO of Qantas Regional Airline Group) and Dr Jenny May (2014 Telstra RDAA Rural Doctor of the Year). These events are well attended and non-members are always very welcome!

Access to WHS expert through chamber's Workshops and Workcover Alliance

In 2015 Tamworth Business Chamber partnered with SafeWork NSW to provide a free and effective way to help businesses with issues such as compliance, bullying in the workplace, carrying out risk assessments and much more in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Tamworth Business Chamber holds several workshops throughout the year but if you have any immediate questions or issues relating to WHS please do not hesitate to call at any time to chat.