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The Junior Chamber

Is Junior Chamber for you?

If you are a young business professional aged between 18 - 35, then the answer is YES.

Junior Chamber 'membership' is incorporated in membership of the main Chamber and there is NO additional membership fee.

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Tamworth Junior Chamber


The Tamworth Junior Chamber is a sub-committee of the Tamworth Business Chamber. We provide opportunities for people between the ages of 18 and 35 who work in and contribute to our community, to attend events and to network create meaningful connections. We provide opportunities to gain new management and leadership skills consistent with those required to help develop your career and become a strong business leader of tomorrow.

Tamworth Junior Chamber Strategy

  • Create a link and a network for young people working in and contributing to our community
  • Promote the Tamworth community as a great place to work, encouraging people to remain living and working in the region or to move to the region
  • Utilise social events to help build Junior Chamber networks (eg. Chambeers and Champagnes on the last Friday of every month)
  • Communicate with local business owners to promote our network
  • Make recommendations to Tamworth Business Chamber on matters relating to business, the development of the economy and the future of the businesses in the Tamworth Local Government Area.

Why join the Tamworth Junior Chamber committee?

  • Joining the Tamworth Junior Chamber committee will provide you with an opportunity to meet and build stronger relationships with leaders in Tamworth’s business community. You’re bound to make new friends!
  • Becoming actively involved with the Tamworth Junior Chamber committee will help you build your personal and business brand. After all, it’s not about what you know.. It’s about who you know (and who knows you).
  • The things that you will learn while participating as a member of the Tamworth Junior Chamber committee will directly translate into professional and personal development.
  • By joining the Tamworth Junior Chamber committee, you have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and future success of the Tamworth region.
  • The Junior Chamber committee provides avenues for the Tamworth Business Chamber’s Board of Directors succession planning. Through active participation on the Junior Chamber committee, you will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and take advantage of leadership opportunities, such as Board positions, as they arise.

As a committee member, you will need to commit between 4-5 hours per month. This includes;

  • Attendance and contribution at one committee meeting per month (approximately 1 hour). These meetings are chaired by the Chairperson and the Secretary records minutes however the whole committee actively contributes to the direction of the Junior Chamber.
  • Brainstorming, planning and managing up to four events each year.
  • Attending Junior Chamber events (approx. 4 hours, at least four times per year) and Chambeers and Champagnes social events each month.
  • Attending Tamworth Business Chamber events to support the broader Chamber.
  • General communication with other committee members via email and at times face to face throughout month.
  • Occasional extra-ordinary meetings where required to organise and finalise events

The Chairperson of the committee will be a member of the Tamworth Business Chamber Board and will be appointed by the Board. The Secretary of the committee will be a member of the Board and will be elected by the Sub-Committee. Both of these positions will require an additional commitment of time to align with the Board requirements.

Tamworth Junior Chamber committee members will be selected on a skills basis by the Tamworth Business Chamber Board for a 2-year tenure.


Tamworth Junior Chamber committee hosts at least 4 events per year (not including monthly Chambeers and Champagnes and other social/informal events). Typically, these consist of personal development events and social events. Each member is required to attend the Junior Chamber events where possible (we understand that you may not be able to make them all). Each event is assigned a Lead and Support Person from the committee, the remainder of the Committee provide support where needed.

The main roles of the committee members during and prior to each event is:

Lead and Support Persons:

  • Research, engage and brief speakers,
  • Organise catering, venue and other logistics required for a successful event, and to be the contact persons for these.
  • Emceeing the event
  • Chaperoning VIPs (sponsors and guest speakers)
  • Venue inspections / meetings
  • Manage event budget

Whole Committee:

  • Confirming overarching theme and calendar of events
  • Manage social media and event promotion
  • Welcome attendees and manage registration
  • Event set-up and pack down
  • Networking with guests, welcoming new attendees and facilitating introductions
  • Regular and timely communication with the committee in the lead up to events to help organise.

Cham-beers and Cham-pagnes – causal networking monthly drinks held on last Friday of each month:

Whole Committee:

  • Committee members take it in turns to organise the venue (ideally supporting venues that are members of the Tamworth Business Chamber)
  • Bring along and set up the promotional material (banners etc)
  • Manage social media and event promotion
  • Networking with guests, welcoming new attendees and facilitating introductions

Keen to join the committee?

To register your Expression of Interest to join the Tamworth Junior Chamber visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RVZT982 by 18th January 2019.

The Junior Chamber is proudly supported by UNE

Interested in finding out more?

If you are interested in finding out more, then Contact Us to see how you can become a part of Junior Chamber.

You can also find us on the Tamworth Junior Chamber Facebook page 


Junior Chamber Committee

Laura Carr



Account Director – Operations Director

Sarah Martin

Vice Chair

Public Works Advisory Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Project Manager, Hunter New England Region

Sammy Bowen

Tamworth Regional Council

Operations Manager, Sports Dome and Aquatics Facilities

Annabel Underwood



Prashant Sharma

H & R Block

Tennille Johnston (1)

TAFE New England