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Small Medium Enterprise Hosted Networking Event
1 Jun

Date & Time

Jun 1, 2023
5.30pm - 7pm


5.30pm - 7pm


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Your Guest Speakers: 


Jacqui Newman – HR Lead / Bronwyn Pearson – CEO

Mastering the Art of Building an Effective and Engaged Workforce


HR experts, Bronwyn, and Jacqui will be sharing valuable insights on various aspects related to building a successful business with top talent.

They will discuss the following topics: 

  1. Identifying Essential Resources: Tips, tricks, and strategies for determining the necessary people and resources needed for your business. 
  1. Efficient Sourcing Methods: Techniques for finding the right individuals or assets to fulfil your business requirements. 
  1. Becoming an Attractive Employer: Strategies for becoming an employer of choice and creating a compelling environment that goes beyond monetary incentives. 
  1. Retention as Recruitment: Understanding the significance of retaining existing employees as an effective method of recruitment. 


Throughout the presentation, businesses will learn how to engage effectively with candidates and staff. Bronwyn and Jacqui will ask tough questions, exploring why individuals choose to join organisations, as well as factors that influence their decision to leave or stay. 


David McLennan

Principal – Business Services

Forsyths Tamworth


David joined Forsyths as a principal in July 2017. He has a Bachelor of Business from the University of Southern Queensland and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

 David has25 years in public practice accounting and his expertise includes Accounting, Agribusiness, Small to Medium Business and Tax and Planning and is also the incoming Managing Principal of Forsyth’s – overseeing 13 partners and 160+ team members from 1 July.

David will be speaking about the significant financial and accounting challenges SME’s are facing in this current economic climate.   Dave will shed light on the ways in which SMEs can navigate uncertain times and maintain financial stability. He will touch on the importance of planning, using the right software, having the right support, as well as knowing your taxation and compliance obligations.