Tamworth Business Chamber

Welcome to the Tamworth Business Chamber.
Why not join us and become a member of one of the biggest and most progressive business chambers in the region.


Tamworth is a growing and progressive region and as you would expect the Tamworth Business Chamber is one the largest and most progressive regional chambers in NSW.  


Our mission statement “The Tamworth Business Chamber strengthens the economic climate through business leadership that fosters member and community prosperity

Vision: Building stronger relationships through sustainable and innovative business practices
Values: 1. Integrity  2. Respect  3. Courage  4. Collaboration  5. Innovation”.


We seek to achieve this by focusing our efforts on adding value to business. We do this in a number of different ways; through the provision of business services, through pro-regional and pro-business advocacy work, through networking opportunities and through innovation.


Our membership base is made up of small and medium sized businesses through to larger corporate entities. 
Your business forms an important part of the Tamworth business community. Tamworth Business Chamber membership offers you the chance to publicly demonstrate your commitment to our region and support our mission statement in building a better Tamworth.


We seek to provide a quality service that meets your business needs. We value your feedback and contribution to the Chamber movement and encourage you to be actively involved and engaged with the services that we provide. 


Through our alliance with the NSW Business Chamber members will be able to access the additional services which we now provide. Some of these services such as the Ask Us How guides and Business Vitality Health Check are accessed through the NSW Business Chamber Web site. In order to access this information and services such as the Business Hotline you will need to complete the  opt in form and return to the Chamber Office. This service is already included in the cost of your membership and carries no additional charge. Once opted in you will be sent a NSW Business Chamber web site password and login details.



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